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Gradescope for Online & Hybrid Teaching - Shared screen with speaker view
Judith Rance-Roney LASS
Judy Rance-Roney, DeSales University, Center Valley PA
Gabrielle K
Gabrielle Knipe- DeSales University
Joan Frank, MS, RDN, FAND
Joan Frank, University of CA, Davis
Gary Weber
Gary Weber, Gonzaga University, new to Gradescope
Zalmond Abbondanza
Hello! I'm Zalmond Abbondanza, Palm Beach State College. I used Gradescope a few years ago for several sections of math.
David Dalle Molle
Hello - Dave and Nathan here from UT-Austin. New to Gradescope and want to see how we can use this in connection with Canvas
Carl Hooker
rl ,DeSales University
Gretchen Hughes
This session won't cover Canvas integration specifically but you can view our LMS guide here: https://help.gradescope.com/article/y10z941fqs-instructor-canvas
Carl Hooker
Sorry, Carl
Zalmond Abbondanza
I'm interested in utilizing Gradescope within online proctoring environments.
Gretchen Hughes
Integration with LockDown Browser (powered by Respondus) is now in beta for timed online assignments on Gradescope. If you'd like this feature enabled in any of your courses, please send us an email to help@gradescope.com.When ‚ÄčLockDown Browser is enabled, students will complete their work in a secured browser window and will not be able to open any additional tabs, windows, or applications until they have finished their work.Please note that there is no integration with Respondus Monitor at this time. If you are interested in video monitoring or more advanced proctoring options, please email us at help@gradescope.com.
Gretchen Hughes
More Information on the Gradescope Mobile App: https://help.gradescope.com/article/alyonjbud4-mobile-app
W Ernie Guyton
How are the students capturing these written pages in order to upload them as pdf? taking pictures of the written pages? Ernie
Gretchen Hughes
Yes, students can use the app to take pictures/ submit their PDF files.