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Building and Maintaining Strong Student Relationships Remotely
As schools shift to hybrid or fully online environments this Fall, educators, staff, and students prepare to face a new normal. With that comes many new challenges, in particular, finding new ways to connect and build authentic relationships with students. How can educators learn about their students “from a distance?” How is communication different in this new setting? What can educators do to ensure their students feel heard? While it is a challenge, it is also an opportunity to focus on an aspect of education that research suggests directly impacts learning-positive student relationships and perceptions towards school.

This session focuses on challenges and strategies for building and maintaining strong student relationships remotely. The panel, featuring educators from varying backgrounds and perspectives in both secondary and higher education, will discuss:

1) How the current landscape of education impacts student-teacher relationships
2) Strategies for building and maintaining student relationships in a remote environment
3) Resources, tips, and tools for supporting the development of student relationships


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