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Embedding industry practices in authentic assessment design assists to optimise the teaching, research, practice nexus: Shared academic experiences
Embedding industry practices in authentic assessment design has multiple benefits for students in higher education,including improved attitudes to learning, self-reflection and application to their own lived experience. Such student engagement activity extends to multiple stakeholders, enabling multiple means of translating theory into practice. It also assists universities to design assessments that encourage academic integrity.

Under this model, academic staff are also better able to balance their industry research partnerships with their teaching, creating greater alignment with performance goals. Industry and government are also beneficiaries where student projects form part of broader research initiatives designed to produce policy and practice guidelines as outcomes.

In this webinar, Dr Kevin Argus and Dr Jessica Helmi from the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University share their experiences of embedding industry practices in authentic assessment design to optimise outcomes for students, industry, academics, and the university overall.

Key takeaways from this session include:
– How industry-embedded authentic assessment design contributes to academic integrity.
– The importance of value propositions for industry that align learning outcomes and practice outcomes.
– Examples of award winning and newly created multi-industry partnerships created to sustain engagement at the course/program level.
– Alumni feedback indicating industry-embedded authentic assessments are among their program highlights.
– Student feedback that credits authentic assessment with yielding workplace opportunities.


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