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Arming Students in the Fight Against Flawed Sources and Fake News
In today’s world, we are all bombarded with information. With the rise of fake news and websites, widespread subtle and explicit bias, and shortcuts to rigorous vetting, the digital natives in our classrooms have ready access to outright false or dangerously misleading content, but they don’t always have the digital literacy skills and tools to evaluate it critically. This panel, featuring a cross-section of perspectives spanning secondary and higher education, as well as renowned journalists, is ready to support educators in understanding:

> The current landscape of information
> The challenges facing students as they attempt to evaluate sources
> How these challenges impact students’ academic endeavors, as well as their civic lives
> Practical tips, tools, and resources that can be used to empower students to overcome these challenges, particularly in light of the shift to online and/or hybrid learning environments.


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